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President & CEO

"I believe that success is bittersweet. We reap the best fruits only when we toil the hardest.

I learned the hard way. Leading and managing a company goes beyond financial trials, beyond taking risks. It entails trusting yourself and a team to build and sustain a reputation that transcends closed deals but operates within the bounds of the law and the parameters of non-negotiable values and virtues.

What makes my team reliable and subsequently, our brand? We do not just do our job, we do it right."


Vice President for Admin and Finance


"Our transition from a family-owned to a privately held corporation strengthens our commitment to using as many perspectives in running GRET MARKETING, INC. 
In this age of collaboration, transparency and competition we have learned that success is more meaningful when the work environment is anchored on harmony – camaraderie, respect, and sense of belongingness among stakeholders. 
Courage is necessary to take on tough challenges and not give up at the first sign of difficulty. The key is to pick yourself up and bounce back. Our future direction partnering with global brands with high
quality of standard in the IVD market guided with our core values."

Greecar Illustrisimo is the Vice President for Admin and Finance of GRET Marketig Inc., Philippines


Vice President for Sales and Marketing


"A lot of people aspire to become a successful sales person and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. All they need to do is to embody what it takes to be one. Being in sales and in the diagnostics industry for the past 17 years, my secret to thriving and staying relevant is quite simple, I have trust and confidence in the company as well as its products and services, I deal with clientele with sincere intentions and purpose which is to offer innovative products and services and be a partner in providing the high quality and reliable diagnostic tests to Filipino people with the help and support of dynamic and hardworking colleagues and teammates. I do not grow alone. I grow with the team and the company. That is not a secret."


Information Technology Manager


"At GRET Marketing, Inc., we are not your typical distributor. We are here to innovate and bring technology advancements right at your laboratories.

Our Very own Echelon Laboratory Information System was developed to help our customers achieve business efficiency. Our system is highly customizable to tailor fit based on their needs."

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