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Automated Coagulation Analyzer

SF-8050 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer is an automatic instrument for clotting test. SF-8050 can be used for clinical test and pre-operative screening. 

SF-8050 adopts clotting and immunoturbidimetry, chromogenic method to test the clotting of plasma. The instrument shows that clotting measurement value is the clotting time (in seconds).

  • Principle: Mechanical and Optical method

  • Tests: PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time, D-Dimer, AT-iii, FDP

  • Throughput: 200 tests per hour simultaneously

  • 10 incubation channels, 6 testing channels

  • 16 reagent positions with 4 stirring feature, 30 sample positions

  • 1000 continuous disposable cuvettes

  • Dual pipette for sample and reagent

  • IC Card for reagent inventory management

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