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Compact Design and Cost Saving Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Features & Advantages

Equipped with Puncture Needle, No Need to Decap Before Testing

• The maximum anaerobic environment ensures the stability of Ionized Calcium levels and the accuracy of measurement

• Avoiding the biological hazards caused by decapping to protect clinical workers

High Throughput to Shorten TAT

• Up to 120 samples per hour

Connectable to Total Laboratory Automation System

• Fit customized needs from small laboratories to large laboratories

Fully Automatic Sample Loading and Information Reading

•30 samples can be loaded in a single operation, supporting continuous loading •Barcode scanner to automatically read sample information

User-Centric Design

•12-inch color LCD touch screen, concise and intuitive design
•Drag-out ISE module and flip-type electrode replacement ensure convenient

•Intelligent design and maintenance-free

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