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The purpose is “to make it simple, efficient, and sustainable.” We take an outward focus to a whole new level. We do not just emphasise the importance of serving clients or understanding their needs but also putting ourselves in their shoes so we get a better understanding of the entire process.  Our purpose is to connect to the hearts of our clients and to inspire them.


To impart my skills and knowledge to the best of my ability to help the company achieve it's vision to be the number one diagnostic distributor in the country. Also, making sure that every client will be served in a timely and professional manner ensuring continuous service delivery of the client to their patients. Finally, building rapport with the end-users fostering harmonious relationship anchored on trust and empathetic connection to achieve the common goal of giving quality and efficient patient services. 

- Mike Angelo Lajom


“Why did I choose to spend my professional career at GRET?


Let me give you some points that I believe separates our company from the rest. First, the leaders are truly one of the best, they impart with me values and learnings which I will carry wherever life takes me. I aspire to take part in the mission to improve the quality of life of our customers. Moreover, I want to be part of the growth and development of the healthcare system in the Philippines. Secondly, I have found a home in GRET, we treat each other as family,  we truly believe in the capabilities of each member of our team. The top management always brings out the best in people. What can I say? working here is a blessing. Last but not least, I see myself giving the best that I can because I know it will all be worth it and I am proud to be at GRET.”

- Jefrey Jesi Mamaril

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