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Corporate Approach

What we do & how we do it

GRET Marketing Inc. has been in the diagnostics industry for 13 years importing and distributing various quality machines and reagents from world class manufacturers around the world. Being an exclusive distributor of multinational companies is truly something we are proud of because it is a proof that our company has good and credible status in the diagnostic distribution industry today.

What defines us

Our vision is to be the number one diagnostic distributor here in the Philippines to attain such, it should start with each of the members in the company. A positive culture at work is something that we must establish because it defines how we represent our company both inside and outside of its premises. Exceptional relationships are truly important especially in business that is why here at GRET we treat both our colleagues and partners as family. 


What we focus on


GRET focuses on providing the best after sales service to its customers, as this would show how much sincere and dedicated professional we are in the group.


We differ in


“Our Life is Our Clients, Our Clients are our Priority.” We believe that our business is not just about selling but also in building a good relationship to its clientele.

Our people


In GRET we make sure that our employees are set for success and they truly get what they deserve. The key is to reward deserving colleagues with the right compensation  and benefits at the right time.

Our structure


GRET is continuously forming a lean, dedicated and trustworthy organization in order to provide its clients the best experience possible.

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