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Fully Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

Fully automated measurement process based on traditional microscopic method. NUA-1000 is an automated urine sediment analyzer which provides a whole field of view microscopic images of urine sediment and detecting sediment particles.

  • 100 tests/hour throughput with batch sizes of 50 samples

  • It uses high definition imaging system, combined with sophisticated optics, achromatic high-quality lens, and optical fiber lightning, with triple counting channels – 3 flowcells, Quality, and Speed: Duo lens and duo cameras.

  • Particles are automatically classified, eliminating the for manual microscopic examination.

  • A sophisticated self-diagnostic system with onboard troubleshooting guide and error recovery.

  • The analyzer will automatically calculate and refresh every item result.

  • Quality Control:L-J QC diagram mean SD and CV.

  • Auto-match conditions and STAT sample, Barcode tube, Batch open mode, open tube

  • Bridging NUA-1000 with NUA-1500 (fully automated chemistry urine analyzer), makes NeoMedica urinalysis station into a powerful tool for high-volume automation.

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