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A superior high throughput, fully automated clinical chemistry analyser


The RX modena is a high volume, floor standing, fully automated clinical chemistry analyser. With a throughput of 1,200 tests per hour, combined with the ever expensive, unrivalled RX series test menu, the RX modena offers a winning combination for large, multi-disciplinary laboratories.



  • 800 photometric tests per hour

  • 1,200 tests per hour including ISE

  • Fully automated on-board hemolysis function for HbA1c testing

  • Continuous loading hatch

  • Reagent carousel with 100 cooled positions and 10 positions for controls and calibrators

  • Water consumption of 20L per hour

  • Advanced QC capabilities - daily, monthly and batch QC with data archiving, Levey Jennings charts, Automatic QC and Automatic calibration

  • 13 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating (340-800nm)

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