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The founding year of GRET


The company traces its history at a time when Glenn T. Illustrisimo at the age of 24, decided to quit from his two year employment and started to put up his own diagnostics distribution company in July 10, 2006. GRET came from the names Glenn Ritchell Emma Teodoro a modest Filipino family which started the company in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. GRET a medical and laboratory equipments was one of the first to recognize that need for a trustworthy and reliable distribution partner is the key to achieve success on healthcare business in the Philippines.

The first product


Started a partnership with Roche Philippines, Inc. as one of its distributor for Accu-checkglucose meters. Converted a small apartment as a home office to secure completely its licensesand accreditation from government agencies.

The first private client


After some series of struggle to find its first customer for glucose meters, Bernardino GeneralHospital in Novaliches QC trusted GRET to supply them with a fully automated chemistryanalyzer. This was one of the very first installation of Roche as well for Cobas c111 when it waslaunched in the Philippines.

The first local government client


Thru winning a public tender in Pasig City Health, GRET successfully installed the first Cobasc111 for a government customer.

The first expansion


From the initial success of GRET, the company employed its first sales and marketing team. Ithas also established its first customer in the Visayas Region, Negros Oriental ProvincialHospital.

The official business address of GRET


Because of the timely need for a more presentable office, the company moved to its three story office also in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. It conforms to the demand of an increasing number of clients and employees.

The crisis in family


With the indifferences among its family members on the leadership style and decision making inside GRET, the family decided to give way and entrust the full business operation to its founderGlenn T. Illustrisimo.

The change in the supplier preference

2013 - 2014

There was a huge drop in the sales after the 2013 transition, it was brought about by the changein the government administrations and political issues in the private sector. There were issuestoo from supplier side that greatly affected our distribution lines. The challenges opened themindset of Glenn T. Illustrisimo to look for a direct sustainable business partner abroad.

The incorporation of GRET


On every step it was Glenn T. Illustrisimo who is determined to take new directions, guiding thewhole team to a bigger and better vision, enthusiasm, contagious spontaneity and invincible optimism.

The new multinational business partners


On its 10 th year in the business, GRET became the exclusive distributor of TOSOH for its Glycosylated Hemoglobin business and RANDOX RX Series for its clinical chemistrybusiness.

The reform, transparency and purification

2017 - 2018

GRET begins to strengthen its corporate structure and moved to more specific and effective business leadership style. An unpopular realignment and audit was done to eliminate incompetent and inefficient personnel and business processes. Established a more trust worthy lean and experienced management to run the day- to- day operations as

Glenn T. Illustrisimo preserved his majority of ownership of GRET.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification


A plan-do-check-act methodology and process oriented approach to document and review structure, responsibilities and procedures to achieve effective quality management is applied to GRET. It is intended to ensure that the organization adapts to the changing environment in which it operates. GRET Marketing Inc. a medical and laboratory equipments company now assures customers consistently high quality products and services, which will in turn bring many benefits including satisfied customers, professional management and happy employees.

2020 - 2021

Communication letter from the president

April 17, 2020


To My Dear GRET Stakeholders,


Happy Easter!

As we all enter the fifth week since our last general assembly where we communicated with you the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our business operation, I hope and believe that you are all safe and in good spirits.

Sadly, since that time, we’ve all borne witness to how this insidious virus is impacting our families, our communities and our very way of life. What we’re facing is alarming and uncertain, but I am heartened by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, humanity and love. Although these are trying times for us all, I remain optimistic that our business will thrive once again.


For Our CSR

GMI understands that the pulse of the Filipinos beats as one to overcome COVID-19 and its devastating impact. As we all watch the news broadcasts unfold about this unprecedented event, it’ clear that there is a need to assist and bolster healthcare workers and community caregivers who are on the frontlines working to contain this disease. To that end, we have established aids in the urgent fight against the pandemic. Domestically, our company is in a unique position to help by providing food, pre-packed and cooked meals to crisis relief efforts and much-needed supplies like cleaning products, masks, gloves, face shields, goggles for medical and other frontline workers and some left out in our community:


(Mandaluyong City Medical Center, San Felipe Neri Parish, Clarisas Capuchinas Sacramentarias Capuchin Poor Clares of the Blessed Sacrament, Manila City Jail, Mandaluyong City Jail)


It’s that kind of spirit that will sustain us through this crisis.


For Our Customers

Given the unprecedented disruption to our business, our company had to close temporarily. However, we remain committed to ensuring our customers experience flexibility during these challenging times, so we have further extended our skeletal work force to supply necessary assistance to hospitals and clinics which remain open. Please note that this demand is subject to availability of our stocks and available personnel.


For Our Employees

Today, I want to let you know how we’ve focused on supporting our employees to provide with one month salary, compensation and benefits even during the Enhanced Community Quarantine ECQ. I also want to take this chance to thank our employees who actively work even during this moment. Some of you have to walk far and line up check points just to get to the office to report. Once again my sincerest gratitude to our own front liners. As the days unfold, we will continue to monitor and evolve our work requirements and assemble as necessary.


Thank you for all your prayers, rest assure you are all included in ours. As always we consider each one of you a part of our extended family.


We will see you again. Until that day comes, stay well.

Personal Protective Equipment


PruHTek is a name of GRET MARKETING INC., which will bring Filipinos quick access to our world class portfolio of professional products, innovative solutions and competitive systems.​ 


We are working to make available timely and practical products to our countrymen who need them. Across the archipelago, Filipinos adapt to the new normal, the government is also making immediate solutions and improve approach as they partner with the private sector to drive innovation and promote health care for Filipinos. Our aim is to share our own concept of protection by offering practical and sustainable products of health and innovation.

Corporate Activities and Product Launches

Mid-year Sales Conference

June 27 - 30, 2019 – The Manor Hotel, Baguio

Mid-Year Sales Conference, we are one to reach this success.

National Sales Conference

January 28 - February 4, 2019 – Taiwan

2019 National Sales Conference, we are one to reach this success.


July 25 - 27, 2018 – Misibis Bay, Bicol

Mid-year Sales Conference

ACH1EVE as the theme for the 2018 Mid-Year Sales Conference,

we are one to reach this success.

March 1 - 8, 2018 – Anya Resort,Tagaytay

National Sales Conference

2018 National Sales Conference, we are one to reach this success.


July 13 - 15, 2017 – Seda Hotel, Laguna

Mid-year Sales Conference

Mid year conferences has always been about sales update and team building.

February 12 - 18, 2017 – Hong kong

National Sales Conference

​The 2017 National Sales Conference happened last February 12-18, 2017. Every conference, the management has the opportunity to get upclose and personal with its employees.

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