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Automated Hemoglobin A1C Analyzer


The TOSOH HLC-723 G8 is a compact benchtop automated HbA1c HPLC analyzer which measures 482x515x530mm and weighs 35kg. The analyzer uses the principle of High Performance Liquid Chromatography which is the Gold Standard for Hba1c determination.

  • Performs test of HbA1c analysis at a rate of 1.6 minutes per sample

  • Uses a unique column which is a  Non-porous polymer resin much smaller in size, compact and produce good separation of hemoglobin components

  • Reagent packs are stored in aluminum coated bags for better stability and shelf life of 3 -4 months

  • Detects hemoglobin variants such as HbD, HbS, HbC and HbE

  • Separates labile A1c and Stablie A1c and no interference from labile A1c and modified hemoglobin

  • Main features of the analyzer are High speed and Rapid Assay to ensure workload is dealt with swiftly


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