Neo ISE Type B

NEO-ISE Type B Electrolyte Analyzer

Complete, fast and reliable results with advanced ISE Technology, Most Complete compact ISE Analyzer with available parameters: Na, K, Cl, iCa, Tca, Mg, Li, ph, TCO2, AG. NEO-ISE offers a manual and fully automated mode for sampling. Autosampler is optional and can be mounted easily by the user together with a barcode scanner.

•    Very minimal sample volume, as low as 65uL
•    Fast Analysis at least 25 seconds per sample.
•    LCD touchscreen with built-in printer enhances the ergonomics of operation.
•    Equipped with an innovative reagent pack with long shelf life for easy handling, economical testing, and easy disposal, with no user contact to waste.
•    Requires very minimal maintenance actions.
•    With good maintenance, the shelf life of Electrode is almost 1 year
•    Calibration frequency can be adjusted for economy modes.
•    Automatic Calibration.
•    Test parameters can be activated or deactivated by the user.



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