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A fully automated clinical chemistry analyser with unrivalled performance


The RX daytona+ is a fully automated, random access, bench top analyser. The comprehensive and flexible test menu on the RX daytona+ allows consolidation of a wide range of routine and specialised tests onto one, easy to use, platform. Direct, on-board, HbA1c testing capabilities allow HbA1c tests to be run immediately as there is no sample incubation step required, saving time in the laboratory.

  • 270 photometric tests per hour

  • Optional ISE unit which enables a total throughput of 450 tests per hour

  • 72 semi-permanent cuvettes on-board with cuvette check function and 12 stage washing process

  • Low water consumption of 5 litres per hour at maximum throughput

  • Separate sample and reagent pipettes including liquid level sensors, crash protection and clot detection

  • Dual 5 speed stirrers optimised for each assay ensuring better performance


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