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Olivia Foundation International for Diabetes & Education

He makes all things beautiful, in his time.


  In April 2018, our founder’s daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 18 months old. Type 1 diabetes is formerly known as juvenile diabetes, it is a chronic autoimmune condition. If you have Type 1, it means that your pancreas does not produce insulin, which is the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Without insulin, our bodies cannot use the sugar in our bloodstream as energy, causing people to experience Diabetic Ketoacidos or DKA. It requires monitoring of your blood sugar several times and administering multiple insulin injections with a pen, a syringe or a pump.

  Thus, the catapult to change it’s aim. Our founder wants to share their experience in raising a Type 1 diabetic child. They know how hard it is to live with Type 1 diabetes. It gives the necessary push to provide advocacy, awareness and support to a research in finding a cure. GRET want to use it's voice to help people with Type 1 diabetes thrive. Standup for diabetes prevention, knowing it’s symptoms before it’s too late and help people living and impacted by it everyday, until a cure is found. ​

  When you spread love and generosity, you increase the number of empowered individuals. The beneficiaries of the foundation will have access to opportunities and in the long run may find in their heart the need to do the same for the less privileged. ​


  GRET a medical and laboratory equipment company works for the betterment of the society and people beyond their stakeholders. We are committed to behave ethically and contribute to social development thru healthcare and education while improving the quality of life of our workforce and its families as well as the local community and society as whole.


  Thru Olivia Foundation International for Diabetes & Education, a private and non- profit unit of GRET, with its members on a voluntary basis without any social, legal and economic obligation but just with the positive intention to improve the lives of patients suffering with Diabetes and assist in the continuing education of the members of its company so they can contribute positive changes in the different departments to make GRET a sustainable organization.

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