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Is a corporation which markets and distribute medical supplies and laboratory equipment. It is manned by people who has outstanding experiences in the fields’ flow and dynamics of trade using tailor made business strategies and solution.

Through the years, the increasing demand for laboratory equipment pushed GRET MARKETING, INC. to continuously improve their principal supplier and customer relations and consistently provide clients with high quality products that led to the organization's incorporation last 2015.

With new business plans and strategies, GRET MARKETING, INC. became the exclusive distributor in the Philippines of:

• Neomedica Serbia Hematology Analyzers in 2015

• Tosoh Pte. Ltd Glycohemoglobin Analyzers in 2016

• Randox Laboratories Chemistry Analyzers in 2016

• Beijing Succeeder Coagulation Analyzers in 2017

Since then, the company brought new approach to consulting service, which links end user specific requirements and provide them with appropriate products and services, which will perfectly fit their actual needs and demands. The company is involved in every stage from the planning, product selection and implementation, with continued development and support system.


Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of the operation. We supply business requirement needs, professionalize and develop our team to function specifically to reach task targeted client approval. We ensure customer satisfaction, strengthens business relationship and maintains a reputable credibility, because with GRET MARKETING, INC. Our life is our clients; Our clients are our priority...


The company’s new Corporate Symbol displays BAMBOO PLANT, a badge of great strength, pliancy, and growth. The combination of these virtues create high-quality, flexible, and extreme versatile representation of the organization.
The logo is GREEN, a very down–to–earth color which represents new beginnings, abundance and renewed success.

On founding the company
Know more about our leader...

GLENN T. ILLUSTRISIMO is the founder of GRET. He has been an inspiration to his family and his people. He is the heart and brain of GRET, a respect worthy chairman of the board. A graduate of Medical Technology at Trinity University of Asia, Glenn forged a remarkable career as servant leader of GRET. He is regarded as an unconventional decision maker and very principled ruler.

Our President & CEO

Nationality: Filipino

Family status: Married

Dependent: 2 Children

Leisure time being a family man: travelling, swimming and devotional lei

Question & answers

Glenn T. Illustrisimo, his thoughts on:

What is more important:

"Becoming a father to a Type 1 Diabetic is patrician. It challenges not just your time but your emotions as well. I value our young family more than anything else."

His ultimate plan:

"My professional goal is to secure the life and well-being of my people in GRET. They deserve to be loved and their professional growth should be promoted.

He believes in:

"I believe in the truth. Whatever is in the gray area comes from the devil, I have gotten out of his grip.

I believe the Lord is in control".

His leadership strategy:

"I give my people their own time to shine. So when your time comes, sparkle the brightest!"

Gert Marketing-2802.jpg
Gert Marketing-2730.jpg

She leads GRET.
Know more about our leader...


“Whenever you are in a career — your first position, managerial, or even as an executive — you have to be ready to stand up for yourself. It has to be done in a firm but respectful manner as you remember that respect is earned. The value of assessment  in every the situation is also important. Most of all, never waver on integrity.

Our General Manager

Nationality: Filipino

Family status: Married

Dependent: 2 children

Managing time: Creates an atmosphere of Home School for her daughters, and an inspiring leader to the family.

Question & answers

Greecar G. Illustrisimo, her thoughts on:

What is more important:

There’s nothing wrong with being silent as you wait for the moments where you need to be more assertive and take greater control. “I would not have been successful if I didn’t know how to soften myself and tone it down at important moments.”

Her future plans:

“My management style is really talking about how someone uses power. I want to share this to my people so together we bring this company to recovery and sustainability as we face and make difficult decisions.”


“I want to bring emphasis on the value of each members contribution to reach a strong company.”


She believes in:

"I believe that Honesty and Integrity is key to a lasting business relationship.”

Her leadership strategy:

"Doing things right the first time, always."

She leads GRET.
Know more about our leader...

Dr. Leonora G. Puntero

Position: Quality Assurance Practitioner
Nationality: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Dependent: Mother
Leisure/Hobbies: Reading, playing word games

Goals in Life:
At this stage in my life, I just need to create more positive impact with people I am interacting with whether personal or business and to create more beautiful memories and maintain the inner peace I came to receive.

My Plans:
To fulfill my bucket list, more time with my family, to be in good health.

What I believe in:
Family is our circle of strength, with birth it grows more in love, in crisis faced makes the circle more stronger every time; and that whatever happens let GOD be the center of the circle so that everything will be made to succeed according to his plans.

My Leadership Style:
Leadership is more about empathy, to be able to relate and communicate well with people to be able to inspire them and empower their lives.


He leads GRET.
Know more about our leader...

Jun Pascual Andrada

Position: Administrator and Legal Compliance Officer
Nationality: Filipino
Civil Status: Separated
Dependent: 1 Son
Leisure/Hobbies: Playing Basket Ball, Reading Books and GYM 

Goals in Life:

To promote corporate fundamental values and objectives to attain administrative and operational management directions.

My Plans:
At this moment of time, I need to share my corporate knowledge to would be administrative practitioners to help GRET Marketing, Inc. and other group of companies attained their respective corporate goals.

What I believe in:
"Always trust the process whatever it is."

My Leadership Style:

Always practice 5C's in leading people and administering companies. i.e. Communication -> Coordination -> Cooperation -> Commitment -> Compliance...enabling leadership principles is a must. Slow to speak...Fast to listen in every situation.

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