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The after sales support associates are valuable members of GRET for medical and laboratory equipments. They perform an important role in the ultimate success of our business relationship with clients. We manage accounts with utmost professionalism through our experience and expertise.

To ensure customer satisfaction, our team educates clients on the use of our product, update them on software developments, schedules maintenance or preventive provisions on materials or parts, repairs and warranties.

We believe that clients come first and after-sales support continues to be an important tool for both company and customer success.


Our after-sales support strategy includes:

Help desk
Assistance with technology of products when there are concern on sample, control and calibration results, software products like data station and mechanical issues like error on parts.

Customer Support
Includes services that help the customer with product demonstrations, product installation and advance product trainings.

Automated Customer Service: 
We provide assistance 24 hours a day. And we have an available online service as well.

Call Center Headset
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