The Distributors Meeting and Product Update Seminar
Date: 10/03/2017 - 10/04/2017
Venue: Paradise Walk, Castle Uptown Estate, Templepatrick, United Kingdom

Randox Laboratories recently played hosts to more than 100 distributors from over 50
countries at its annual International Distributor Conference.

Held this year at the Hilton, Templepatrick, attendees representing a wide range of
countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Argentina, Vietnam, Canada, Austria,
Saudi Arabia, Chile, Latvia and China, were present. GRET being its RX Series
exclusive distributor has actively participated and has committed the success of Randox
business in the country.

Randox sells products into 130 countries, with 95% sold outside the UK and Ireland. As
such, Distributors Conferences like this are essential for success regarding product
developments and for building  important relationships.

Starting with a Reception at Belfast Castle the week culminated with a Gala Dinner and
Awards Ceremony in recognition of achievements by many of both new and long
standing distribution partners.

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