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Team Meeting

Hiring and placement procedures follow the highest form of standards. This ensures equal access to employment for all and makes sure that the best person, in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, values, and aptitude, is chosen for each position.  Promoting and appointing the best performing/qualified employees can enhance the organization’s overall performance. It further enhances staff motivation as the prospect of a higher job is linked directly to their performance.   


Job security linked to the employees’ performance increases the loyalty and quality of work delivered by them.  We have sets of guidelines and policies that can help to guide the process by setting out criteria and standards e.g. ranking and promotion program.

Performance and integrity are closely linked.  If employees’ values are not aligned with the corporate values, the quality of their work is directly affected. Prioritizing merit and staff performance as the basis for promotions and appointments of jobs and tasks will implicitly incentivize ethical behavior.

At GRET a medical equipment and laboratory equipment company, we value individuality, with respect and considerations. With anything provided for them economically over and above the requirements of the law, employees will only need to FOCUS and see their life PURPOSE,  with PASSION  and ultimately begin to enjoy prosperity.


Qualified applicants may send their applications to

  1. Most updated resume

  2. Scanned copy of Transcript of Records

  3. Performance rating in their current position

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